The wait is finally over: Minecraft Earth is now available on Android. Although the game from Mojang hasn’t actually come out officially yet, it’s already possible to download Minecraft Earth to enjoy it on Android devices. The rival of Pokémon GO is finally taking its first baby steps on the Android platform.

Minecraft Earth Android

The announcement of Minecraft Earth took us all by surprise. May was a month in which the masterpiece from Mojang announced its arrival on mobile devices in a way that we’re not used to seeing. One of the most relevant games of recent years has made the decision to combine its building gameplay with augmented reality technology. Obviously, our first thought was that it was going to be a Minecraft version of Pokémon GO. But now, after giving it a try, we can say that it’s more than that.

Minecraft Earth Descargar

The beta version of Minecraft Earth was announced as being exclusive for five cities (London, Seattle, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Mexico City). But after downloading the APK, we can confirm that there’s no need for tricks or VPN connections in order to play; you just have to download and install the game. Of course, you can do so conveniently from our website. And it’s even easier if you use our App Store.

That said, there’s one requirement to enjoy Minecraft Earth: you have to have the latest version of the Google Play Services for AR installed.

Minecraft Earth APK

After installing the game, Minecraft Earth will request of series of permissions, along with the download of necessary updates to begin the experience. Don’t forget to check and make sure the permissions are the right ones, if not, you may not be able to play correctly. That’s what happened to us, as you can see in our gameplay video: we couldn’t use the device camera for the augmented reality. But this is a fixable error, as you can see in our screenshots. Those with Xiaomi devices will want to pay especially close attention to this.

Minecraft Earth Beta Android

Remember that Minecraft Earth is still in beta, so it’s possible that the game doesn’t run quite as smoothly as it should. We’ll have to wait for future updates for the improved engine, but at least we can say that we’ve given it a try and that it’s sure to be one of the star games of the upcoming months. If you want to play, you just have to download it and start living the Minecraft experience in your real-life surroundings.

Minecraft Earth for Android [APK] | Download


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