We only ever had good things to say about Link Bubble, a browser that loads external links accessed from your apps in the background, saving you a few valuable seconds of transition time. A few months ago the studio was acquired by Brave Software, and now the app has been relaunched with a new name and additions such as an integrated ad-blocker.

These changes began in mid-2015 with the unlocking of the features from the Premium version, such as the use of more than one bubble at the same time. But beyond the branding, what really adds value to the new version is the integration of its ‘permissive’ ad-block system: in other words, the browser doesn’t remove all banners, just those that are illicit or slow down browsing. It even has its own system to replace the generic ad space with those ads that are best suited to the theme of the site you’re on. The other addition, also activated by default, is a tracking protection system that notifies you when you’re about to access a web element that tries to track your browsing.


For those who haven’t used Brave Browser, it’s worth mentioning that this is not a standalone browser, but a complement for your normal browser to use in certain conditions, that is, to open links from external apps like Twitter or Facebook, so that instead of being directly opened and superimposed on your screen, the loaded tab appears as a small bubble at the side of the screen that you can tap when you want to open it. Like this you won’t have to wait for the tab to load when jumping from one URL to another and you won’t slow down your browsing on the site you were on before.


More information | Official website



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