We can send WhatsApp and Telegram messages using only our voice to both select the contact you want to send the message to and to dictate the body of the message itself. Here is how.

To try it, you have to activate the voice feature on Google Now, whether by saying “OK, Google” (if you have that activated) or by tapping the microphone icon next to the search bar. It’s also a good idea to have both Google Search for Android and WhatsApp itself updated to their latest versions.


There’s a certain level of flexibility when saying the command, whether it’s mentioning just the recipient or the body text itself. Things like “Send a WhatsApp message to Antonio Perez that says I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow morning at eight” will be detected with no problem, and you’ll get an on-screen preview of the message and a voice asking you if you want to accept and send the message. But if you say something like “Send a Telegram message to Antonio,” you’ll need to add the content later, which you can do by voice or with the keyboard.

Now imagine using this feature on a smartwatch. Die of envy, Michael Knight!



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