The Pillar is a beautiful puzzle game that’s a tad too similar to The Witness

Solve puzzles in the beautiful settings offered by The Pillar, a game that doesn't even try to hide its inspiration from The Witness.

Seeing as we’re used to finding classic puzzle games à la Candy Crush, it’s always nice to come across ideas like the one we see in The Pillar. This puzzle game looks extremely similar to the masterpiece called The Witness, although here, the development of the puzzles isn’t as complex.

The Pillar

In just the first moments you spend playing, The Pillar floods your screen with visually spectacular scenes. The game doesn’t hide its references and borderline plagiarism of the work by Jonathan Blow. Luckily, the similarities are purely visual, given that the puzzles in The Pillar don’t have much to do with the ones in the complex island of the title that it “pays tribute to.”

The Pillar

To advance through The Pillar, you have to complete little short Flow-style puzzles: you have to connect the colors on the grid you see. Now this may seem simple at first, but as you go on, the game will get more and more complicated. Each time you solve these puzzles, you can access the next area in the game, although a lot of the time, you have to complete various puzzles in a row in order to continue on your adventure.

The Pillar

We’ve already said it, but it’s worth saying again: The Pillar is as beautiful as it gets. The graphics immerse you in an almost dreamlike environment where it’s easy to become mesmerized. What’s more, a lot of the time this will be essential to discover secrets in the game, given that some puzzles are hidden in the setting itself. Yes, once again we’re reminded of The Witness, but without the same complexity that we found in the great work by Jonathan Blow.

The Pillar

The Pillar is a game that’s worth recommending since it’s not every day that we find a puzzle game that’s so beautiful. While it may look like The Witness, appearance-wise, its content is far from what’s offered in this game. If you want to play one of the best puzzle games in history, then we have no other choice but to recommend The Witness. However, The Pillar is still a noteworthy puzzle game and best of all, you can enjoy it for free.

The Pillar for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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