Snow Kids is one of the best platformers that exists on Android

Platformers with a retro flare are back in the limelight with the release of Snow Kids, a new gem from NEUTRONIZED.

NEUTRONIZED seems to have become synonymous with quality. We’ve loved every one of the games that have come out of this indie studio and its newest release, Snow Kids, definitely does not disappoint. It’s a total vintage-style platformer with precise controls and a great retro look. What more could we possibly ask for?

Snow Kids

If we were to follow the trail behind Snow Kids, it would lead us directly to Snow Tale, the original game from 2012 that this game is based on. Well, actually we could technically call this a remake considering it shares the main gameplay and 15 of the 20 levels that make up Snow Kids. But the latest work from NEUTRONIZED isn’t simply resting on its laurels here – it has a good handful of new features for anyone who enjoyed the original title.

El camino de Snow Kids nos lleva directamente a Snow Tale, el juego original de 2012 en el que se basa. Bueno, más que basar habría que hablar de remake puesto que comparten la base jugable y 15 de los 20 niveles que componen Snow Kids. Pero la última obra de NEUTRONIZED no se ha dormido en los laureles y cuenta con un buen saco de novedades para aquellos que ya disfrutaron del título original.

Snow Kids

Snow Kids is a retro platformer in the strictest sense of the word. Not only for its visual style and nostalgic melodies, but because its gameplay also takes us back 30 years to the past. Your chubby and adorable character moves horizontally and can jump by simply tapping the corresponding button (unlike in Super Cat Tales 2).

The unique thing about the game is that you use a snow ball to freeze your enemies. You can knock them off the screen with just a tap once they’re frozen. This ball is thrown with a curve, so a lot of the time you’ll have to combine the throw with a jump. This little maneuver would normally be sloppy in other games with their imprecise controls, but in Snow Kids, it can be done perfectly. Plus, you have a couple other movements as sort of an icing on the cake, if you will: the double jump and roll, that you can carry out by simply double tapping on a direction.

Snow Kids plataformas

Although everything is retro flavored in Snow Kids, the title is clearly aware of the mobile medium. You have some checkpoints in the levels that you can unlock by paying a fee: a certain number of gems that you’ll collect on the screens. You have infinite lives, but if your character dies, you’ll have to start the whole screen over again. The school of Nitrome is powerful in Snow Kids.

Snow Kids

We’ve declared Snow Kids as one of the best platformers available on mobile devices, and we’re sticking by our opinion. This genre may not be quite as popular as it once was in the 16-bit era, but there’s still plenty of opportunities to enjoy games of this style. Especially when they’re as well made as Snow Kids.

Snow Kids for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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