Platformers may not have the same relevance anymore as they did during the 16-bit era, excluding everything that comes from Nintendo. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy new games that remind us of the good old days, and that know how to take advantage of the playability of modern mediums. Super Cat Tales 2 is the continuation of one of the best platformers that we’ve been able to enjoy on mobile devices: Super Cat Bros. It’s a sequel that maintains the greatness and improves on the first installment: more cats to play with, more screens, and the same retro awesomeness.

Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2 works on two different levels: the audio/visuals are like a blast from the past of the genre, and its gameplay takes full advantage of the simplicity of touchscreen controls. We’re not talking about the umpteenth title created solely with nostalgia in mind, either: the developers are clearly aware of how to create great games for Android and iOS.

That’s why, despite the simple appearance of the controls, one single button located on each side of the screen, in reality it hides endless possibilities for your cats to jump, climb up walls, hit enemies, etc. No, there’s no jump button, but Neutronized already proved in the first installment that it’s completely possible to create an outstanding platformer without it.

Super Cat Tales 2

In this sequel, you’ll notice an expansion of the storyline: the story becomes more important and you’ll get more deeply involved in the world of Neko Land and in the invasion you have to stop. To do this, you have eight cats with different abilities to help you in this mission. Some are better climbers, others can defeat the enemies without mishaps, others can swim upstream, etc. You can swap cats whenever you want and that’s how you’ll really get the most out of each level: there are three hidden bells on each screen and in the beginning, you’ll have a hard time reaching all of them.

Revisiting the levels when you have new cats on your team will allow you to reach areas that you couldn’t previously reach. This means you can go back and get the bells that you couldn’t get the first time you completed the screens. This replayability aspect is taken directly from the Super Mario Bros. games, the most direct reference for this fantastic cat game.

Super Cat Tales 2

The release of Super Cat Tales 2 is fantastic news for the world of mobile videogames. Here we have an outstanding game that expands on the experience in the original title to become a bigger and more profound game overall. Over 100 levels await you in this game, ready to be played over and over again until you manage to reveal all its secrets. It’s a lovable retro title that any videogame fan will enjoy until the very end.

Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2 for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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