If you’re tired of the same old, typical endless runners and you’re looking for something different, then look no further. We have the answer to your problems right here: Rowan McPaddles is an endless arcade game where you have to evade all the dangers of a turbulent river. It’s not your typical endless runner thanks to its unique control system.

Rowan McPaddles

After Potion Punch, the good folks over at Monstronauts Inc. decided to give their newest project a different twist: Rowan McPaddles is an endless runner that swaps infinite races for an eternal boat ride down a river. It’s a game that’s easy on the eyes and that has you control your character by sliding your finger left and right on the screen. Now just because it sounds simple, don’t expect it to be smooth sailing. The controls actually take a little effort to get the hang of them.

Rowan McPaddles

Your mission is to collect the typical coins along the way to unlock new characters and skins, but the game has two ways to earn gold. The first way is by doing flips along the way, which you’ll do by tapping twice to do a double jump. The second way is more complicated: you’ll farm gold by getting virtual followers, as if you were playing an idle clicker.

Rowan McPaddles

Rowan McPaddles is a great game that’s easy to get addicted to. The more you advance along the river, the more dangers you’ll come across. This means you’ll discover new animals that want to destroy you, along with obstacles that you never would have imagined. Its gacha system for getting characters is typical for mobile games, but the good thing is that each of the characters has different animations. This gives the game a good dose of variety — something that’s always more than welcome in mobile games.

Rowan McPaddles for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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