Enjoy hours of fun with the best endless runners on Android

Endless runner games have become one of the signature genres of Android, and there are now countless titles available. Cut through the chaff and get straight to the best with this list.

When first coming up with ideas for games on mobile devices, someone came up with the idea for games with short matches that you can play anywhere, providing simple and immediate fun. This description perfectly fits the definition of endless runner games, a genre that has evolved along with the medium, although it can always be traced back to the same basic gameplay. It’s also unrelenting, considering the quantity of games that are released every week, so we’ve gone ahead and selected the best endless runner games available on Android.

top endless runner android featured Enjoy hours of fun with the best endless runners on Android

Jelly Run

We tried to make a diverse selection when choosing titles for this list, with a good mix of classics and newcomers. Jelly Run has probably never appeared on any other list of the best endless runners anywhere. But there is something special about the little game by Ketchapp that will keep bringing you back to try to reach a new high score. Simplicity above all. Jelly Run [Download]

Jelly Run

Run From Dusk Till Dawn

It’s easy to get lost in the flurry of new Android titles, and even more so when talking about a genre with as many titles as endless runners. As a result, Run From Dusk Till Dawn, a title inspired by the television series From Dusk Till Dawn, has slipped through unnoticed. It could be because the series from the legendary director Robert Rodriguez was a bit disappointing, but the game is fun and exceptionally complete. Take advantage of our platform to download it without region locks. Run From Dusk Till Dawn [Download]

Run From Dusk Till Dawn screenshot Enjoy hours of fun with the best endless runners on Android

Adventure Time Run

The number of endless runners based on famous franchises is crazy. Everyone seems to want to hop on the bandwagon, although often these titles don’t end up as good as they might have hoped. But Adventure Time Run is different, since it comes with so many details that you can indulge in endlessly. Without a doubt one of the best Android games about Adventure Time. [Download]

Adventure Time Run

Sky Dancer

You should be accustomed to moving horizontally in endless runner games, and that’s precisely what you will need to do in this game. However, it adds an extra layer of depth by adding jumps, which you need to time correctly in order to get from platform to platform. It might sound difficult, but don’t let that turn you away. It’s a truly spectacular game, as you can plainly see from its gameplay. [Download]

Sky Dancer


When developer Mediocre first thought of mixing endless runners and pinball games, there were surely some who thought they had lost their minds. And yeah, it is crazy. Absolutely nuts. It’s one of the best cyberpunk games on Android to date, and one of our newest favorites. An audiovisual delight reminiscent of 80s synthwave, which has been coming back lately, as exemplified by Drive. [Download]


Dashy Crashy

A change as simple as turning the player into a car has lead to the gem of a game that is Dashy Crashy. It’s an endless runner full of possibilities, like cars that block your path and other fun situations. Each individual car has a different play style, so it’s impossible to explain more, so it’s best that you install it on your device and see for yourself. [Download]

Dashy Crashy screenshot 1 Enjoy hours of fun with the best endless runners on Android

Temple Run 2

Years go by and Temple Run 2 continues to stick around. We could have included games like Subway Surfers, Bush Rush, and other classics of the genre, but we think that Temple Run 2 best captures the basics of the genre: running for as long as you can while avoiding obstacles with an ever increasing difficulty. Long live the classics. [Download]

temple run 2

Amazing Katamari Damacy

The arrival of Amazing Katamari Damacy was a breath of fresh air in the endless runner genre. Bringing the magic of the Katamari saga to the genre feels natural once you sit down to play it. You have to grow your katamari as much as possible while dodging all kinds of obstacles. But not so fast, you also have to try to roll up as many objects as possible if you want it to make it truly enormous. [Download]


Alto’s Adventure

There is no description that does justice to Alto’s Adventure, a game that won praise from people all over the world. And it’s no wonder. Alto’s Adventure is one of the best games available on mobile devices thanks to its simple premise, well balanced difficulty, and excellent graphics. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on. [Download]

alto's adventure

Dash Quest Heroes

Tiny Titan Studios has returned with a sequel to Dash Quest. This title goes beyond the usual themes of endless runner games to provide an experience that’s in some ways more similar to an ARPG. It’s a retro style game with hours and hours of entertaining gameplay. It’s hard to find such well made genre mashups, but its endless runner inspiration is readily apparent. [Download]

dash quest heroes


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