The Pokemon Company launched a new Pokemon game for smartphones: Pokemon Rumble Rush. The new game was announced years ago under the name of Pokeland. Ultimately, it landed on the market with a new name but the same dynamic: you have to fight alongside your Pokemon during different battles and complete several levels.

Pokemon Go was a total success but it’s not the only game that stars these creatures. There are others such as Pokemon Quest or Magikarp Jump that also let you play with these adorable Nintendo characters. Pokemon Rumble Rush joins the list and is now available for Android.

Pokemon Rumble Rush 3 Pokemon Rumble Rush is now available for Android

Pokemon Rumble Rush shows you a world that challenges you to use your Mii to catch the Pokemon. You’ll have to make up a team of Pokemon, which look like toys, and play the different levels while you destroy other creatures. Strike any creatures that dare to cross your path in order to advance to the next level. Unlike other Pokemon combats, this time, it’s not 1 vs. 1 because you’ll encounter large groups of enemies that’ll definitely attack you all at once.

pokemon rumble rush en 2 Pokemon Rumble Rush is now available for Android

In order to attack and destroy your enemies, you just have to use your Pokemon’s attacks. To do that, tap on your smartphone’s screen repeatedly. There are no complex control systems or strategies. Your Pokemon moves towards its closest opponents automatically and by itself. All you have to do is complete the attack by tapping on the screen and conquer the more than 50 levels available.

pokemon rumble rush en 1 Pokemon Rumble Rush is now available for Android

Pokémon Rumble Rush is a free-to-play game that includes 134 different types of Pokemon, 52 levels and a Tower of Champions made up of 15 floors for those who advance through the levels and can become the most powerful.

Pokemon Rumble Rush for Android in Uptodown [APK] | Download


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