The Pokemon Company has already developed a few Android games based on its products  – like Pokemon Shuffle or the trading card games – completely independently of Nintendo. Its latest is a ramshackle spinoff starring the passive Magikarp where you have to collect and evolve them so they can beat other trainers’ Magikarp in jumping competitions. The game is out already for Android.

magikarp jump screenshot 2 Pokemon: Magikarp Jump now out on Android

All the Pokémon iconography is here. As trainers, you have to use Pokeballs to catch new Magikarp, buy food and powerups in the shop to make them grow, and give them training to boost their stats. The so-called jump points are the barometer used to measure your Pokémon’s strength.

magikarp jump screenshot en Pokemon: Magikarp Jump now out on Android

Besides the potential of the fish in question, the game has several Magikarp variants in increasing sizes and an array of different colors with unique properties. Beating a few leagues will give you access to others in a constant spiral of taking care of the virtual pets, interspersed with simplified duels.


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