Lead your soccer team to victory in New Star Manager

New Star Manager is the latest chapter in the acclaimed New Star saga where you get to manage your team both on and off the playing field.

After a dry spell without hearing any news about the prestigious New Star, we finally have a new soccer title, hot out of the oven: New Star Manager combines the classic gameplay from New Star Soccer with management elements characteristic of the best soccer managers. It’s a new game that’ll have you spending hours leveling up your team until it’s skilled enough to win all the trophies possible.

new star manager

The arrival of a new chapter in the New Star saga is reason to celebrate. We’re talking about one of the most interesting soccer franchises that exists, thanks to a simple gameplay and the fact that all sorts of players can enjoy it without any problems. New Star Manager follows suit with a similar game style, although with the incorporation of typical elements from soccer management games. That said, these new features follow the same example of simplicity that the saga created by Simon Read is known for.

new star manager

Like any self-respecting soccer manager, here you have to manage different elements to improve your team’s performance: training, signings and cuts, starting lineups and strategies, etc. But not everything is taken care of in the coaching part: you also have to deal with more managerial tasks like the construction of installations or choosing a sponsor that will help you reach your objective.

You’ll need to keep up a careful balancing act to do everything efficiently since it’s also necessary to maintain a good relationship with the press, the board of directors, and the players. No one said this was going to be a walk in the park.

new star manager

The management aspect is essential, but the real fun is still in the actual soccer matches and in this case, the gameplay is a little bit different from previous titles: in New Star Manager you control the entire team. You’ll take control of the key plays during the game, and you can do a thousand different things: control the ball with the selected player, deselect other players, pass between players to reach the goal, or shoot the ball down the field to try to break up the opposing team’s players. The game will pause for you to make your decisions and you’re ability to win the matches will depend on your skills.

new star manager

New Star Manager is a spectacular soccer game for mobile devices that follows in the footsteps of a well-established saga. It’s a real 2-in-1 that takes full advantage of touchscreens and lets you manage every single aspect of a soccer team, including the matches. The simplicity of the graphics may turn off some players, but trust us, it’s a great game that’ll have you hooked once you give it a chance.

New Star Manager for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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