Although sports games are one of the most popular genres on all platforms, there is one in particular that stands out in terms of popularity: soccer games have proven that they are not only the crown jewel in the real world, but also in the universe of interactive entertainment. We wanted to acknowledge what are considered to be the best soccer games for Android but also take into account video games that go beyond the typical competitive matches.

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Gameloft has managed to make a fun traditional soccer game that’s perfectly adapted to touch screen devices. A lot has happened since 2016 and graphics performance has improved quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the games. Although Real Football doesn’t stand out for its visuals, at least it can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere without too much trouble. [Download]


Legendary Football

Legendary Football is one of the latest soccer simulators that have landed in the Android catalog. The game features outstanding visuals that will allow you to accurately follow every play. The control system is very comfortable and with just a few taps you’ll be able to create combinations that will put rivals in check. You will even find official FIFPro licenses through which you will be able to recognize thousands of players from the main world leagues. Step into the cleats of strikers like Haaland and test the game’s realism by facing the opposing team’s defenders. [Download]


Top Eleven

Soccer isn’t all about moving players around the pitch, it can also involve managing your team from the sidelines. This Android game inspired by Football Manager features all kinds of details to sort through as you manage all aspects of a soccer team: making tactical decisions, choosing training regiments, drafting and selling players, and even improving your facilities so you can accelerate your race to the top. [Download]

top eleven 2018

Flick Kick Goalkeeper

Goalkeepers have always been the odd men out on the field for several reasons: they’re the only ones that can touch the ball with their hands, their kit is different from the rest of the team’s, and they always reside between the goalposts. But their role is incredibly important, and you’ll have to take it over in Flick Kick Goalkeeper. You’ll have to stop all kinds of shots aimed at your net, with several special situations that give the game a little extra playtime. [Download]

Flick Kick Goalkeeper

Top Stars Football

We couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to recommend the Hearthstone of soccer. This fun strategy game puts you into PVP duels right on your mobile device. Top Stars Football is an excellent card game that stands out from the standard medieval fantasy titles of the genre and takes us into the world of football. [Download]

top stars

Soccer Star

Instead of controlling an entire team, Soccer Star offers you direct control over a single player in the match. You can play for some of the biggest teams in the world and improve your character with training and new equipment. It’s a great game that features some spectacular graphics. [Download]

Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues

Be a Pro

Another soccer game that has recently arrived in the Android catalog is Be a Pro. This title draws on the mechanics and gameplay of FIFA to immerse you in exciting and realistic matches. Thanks to an intuitive control system, you won’t have any problems displaying impressive combinations with your best players. Featuring licenses and real names of the most iconic players of the major leagues, you will always be able to create a balanced squad with multiple attributes. [Download]

Dream League Soccer Classic

This great title by First Touch puts you right into traditional soccer matches with controls that have been perfectly adapted to mobile devices. But don’t let the apparent simplicity of the controls fool you —you will be able to perform all kinds of tricks and maneuvers. In addition to standard matches, you can also bring a new team from relative obscurity to worldwide fame. [Download]

Dream League Soccer 2018

FIFA Soccer

It’s unlikely that anyone hasn’t heard of the incredibly popular FIFA series. This version for mobile devices has been popular for several years now thanks to yearly updates and addictive gameplay that has you creating a team and leading it as far as you possibly can. Although its innovations have been somewhat stagnant in its console and PC releases, the smartphone experience continues to meet expectations. Moreover, the addition of the popular Ultimate Team mode will even allow you to open virtual envelopes to build a team full of proven players. [Download]

FIFA Mobile

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

If you’re tired of traditional soccer matches, there’s nothing like running for miles and miles in this fantastic anime adaptation. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team lets you play through the adventures of Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Ozora) and company in spectacular football matches. It’s more of an RPG than a sports game, but Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a great adaptation of this manganime in which you’ll find many of the special shots that fans everywhere attempted to emulate when they were young. [Download]

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

eFootball PES 2021

The release of eFootball 2022 for smartphones is taking longer than expected by fans of the Konami saga. This means that at least for now you’ll have to settle for the pitches featured in eFootball PES 2021. As in other releases, its limited official licenses do not make this one of the most realistic titles, but it does feature a simple control system and nice visuals. Besides, since it does not show the most up-to-date squads, nostalgics will have a chance to play Leo Messi still with the FC Barcelona’s kit. Every cloud has a silver lining. [Download]

PES 2018

Soccer Manager 2022

The best soccer management game has a renewed version in 2022, again with FIFPRO licenses! Furthermore, the title has reached agreements that allow it to show European club brands, such as Inter Milan, Wolves or Bayern Leverkusen. In the offices, you’ll be in charge of perfectly managing any aspect concerning your team. And of course, during the season you’ll sound out the transfer market to make sure to get the best players. All this while enjoying impressive 3D simulations of the matches played by your club. [Download]



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