Medals of War is an intense military version of Clash Royale

Medals of War is a new game similar to Clash Royale, but with a few novelties that make it uniquely entertaining.

The incredible success of Clash Royale has created a never ending stream of games that try to copy its formula. Medals of War is a new game that tries to reach the heights of the mega hit by Supercell. The appeal of this new multiplayer game is that its battles are much more intense. It introduces a new element of strategy by adding zones of control. Could it succeed in becoming a real alternative to Clash Royale?

Medals of War

The military ambienceĀ of Medals of War isn’t new to the genre. Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics or Jungle Clash already offer the cinematography of Apocalypse Now or Rambo, granted they’re much more casual and cartoony. Medals of War continues along these lines, but it has a much more refined style. The gameplay is also more refined: although it’s another game inspired by Clash Royale, it tries to distance itself from the original with a few interesting new characteristics.

Medals of War

Your objective here is the same: destroy the enemy base. But in this case there are no towers that defend it. Instead, there are areas that give a big advantage if you control both of them simultaneously: your base will start launching missiles at the enemy’s. It’s possible to win a match without a single soldier reaching the enemy base.

Another curious novelty is that your deck is made up of 6 unit cards and 3 ‘spells’. While the unit cards cycle as you use them, the ‘spells’ are always available. Using them at the right time can give you a big advantage over your foe. Quick reactions and accurate use of the touch screen are key here. Other than that, it’s the same as always: level up your cards, open chests to get new cards, increase your rank to unlock new units, etc.

Medals of War

Medals of War is one of the most interesting alternatives to Clash Royale. The freedom that results from removing the bridge and towers makes it more original than most other games. It can take a while to get used to the freedom that it gives, but you’ll quickly find yourself hooked. And if you’re looking for other games of the sort, don’t forget to check out our list of the best Clash Royale alternatives.

Medals of War for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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