Last week, Kim Dotcom announced the name and date of Mega’s release, which will be showcased on January 19, 2013 as the successor to Megaupload. It will have very similar features in regards to uploading and downloading on the network. Recently, the controversial Internet entrepreneur announced from his Twitter account that the chosen domain name for the new project will be

Mega cabecera 2 Introducing the website for Mega, Megaupload’s successor

Upon accessing, you find an ostentatious announcement that “the world is going to change” the day it is launched, and an option for entering your email address to receive news about project updates.

Since Kim Dotcom announced that he would reopen a website similar to Megaupload, and as the January 19, 2013 date approaches, more information has been revealed about the features of the successor site to the one that was closed by the FBI in January of this year. The legal argument that Dotcom is making to avoid being accused of violating copyright laws once more is that Mega uses a new encryption service that doesn’t allow administrators to access user uploads. Remember that he is still on probation—the U.S. Department of Justice monitors his every move, and he still faces the possibility of being placed under arrest again.

Kim Dotcom

Another difference is that the Mega servers will be outside the U.S. and the portal won’t have any type of relationship with servers from the country, and as such will be out of reach of the U.S. justice system. This is why the domain, which redirects to the URL, corresponds to the Gabonese Republic, a country in Africa.

Beyond the fact that Megaupload and Megavideo were websites that gave free access to audiovisual content, there is still a lot to consider regarding the underlying question: the topic of Internet freedom and censorship, and the possibility that once again the music and film industries may press the authorities to take measures regarding the matter.



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