Alongside the launch of MEGA at the beginning of last year, Kim Dotcom was working on his online music streaming service which was initially christened Megabox. Time passed and little was heard about the project until last September when it was re-baptized as Baboon. It’s only now, however, that we finally know more details about the new platform that aims to give the leading music streaming services a run for their money.

A test page has been made available for users to see some of the features of the service alongside the first album uploaded to the platform, which you can download for free. And take note: Good Times is a dance music album produced by Dotcom himself with the participation of various American artists… and the hullaballoo surrounding this piece of news means that it is now in the top 20 most downloaded albums on iTunes.


Good Times is an advance from Baboom so users can see its interface and the format of its artist pages. In addition to the albums that you can listen to online and download, there is a timeline connected to Twitter and extra tabs with sections for images, videos, and downloads.

This introduction coincides with the second anniversary of the much-talked-about arrest of Dotcom in his New Zealand home in January 2012, and offers sure proof that the controversial businessman knows how to handle his marketing like none other.


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