Last time we compared cloud storage services was way back in 2014 when we took a look at subscription plans and the different features on DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA and iCloud. This time around there have been more than a few changes that deserve a mention. We added Amazon Cloud Drive to our list making for a strong contender in the field of alternative cloud storage services thanks to its versatility.



The most basic version of DropBox has kept in shape over the years, offering 2GB of free storage space that can reach up to 18GB. If you’re willing to invite friends, you’ll get 500MB for each one that joins and ends up using this app. Installing Mailbox will get you another whole 1GB, and you’ll receive a whopping 3GB just for activating automatic uploads of your smartphone pics. The paid-for Pro version is a little over the top, offering you 1TB of cloud space. Beyond that there’s a full-featured option for Business use that’ll get you unlimited cloud space with additional functions like file restoration and third-party service integration – way more than what you’ll need for personal usage.

  • Free space: 2GB (extendible)
  • Plans: 1TB (9,99€/month or 99€/year) | Business  (12€/month per user)
    More information
  • Available on: Web | Desktop (Windows & OS X) | Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Kindle Fire.
  • Safety: 256-bit AES, two-step verification.
  • Strong point: Easy to use, third party capabilities.

Google Drive

Unbeatable service. It was a giant three years ago, and it still is today. Straight off the bat it gives every user a full 15GB of storage space for free. Now, you get to upload unlimited photos and videos onto Google Photos, making cloud storage issues a thing of the past. But if you do need more space for any other file format, there are five different paid-for plans that adapt to your needs.

  • Free space: 15GB
  • Plans: 100GB (1,99€/month) | 1TB(9,99€/month) | 10TB (99,99€/month) | 20TB (199,99€/month) | 30TB (233,99€/month) | More information
  • Available on: Web | Desktop (Windows y OS X) | Android | iOS.
  • Safety: 128-bit AES, verificación en dos pasos.
  • Strong point: Collaborative tool, seamless integration within the entire Google ecosystem.


Recently we got some pretty bad news. After losing the battle in the war of free storage, the free space on Microsoft’s OneDrive was cut from 15GB down to 5GB from July 27h onwards. That’s not to say that they aren’t still a mighty force. Taking a look at their paid-for storage subscriptions we’ve found some succulent plans. More so for Office 365 users who gain special subscription access.

  • Free Space: 5GB
  • Plans: 50GB (2€/month) | 1 TB + Office 365 (7€/month) | 1 TB x 5 users + Office 365 (10€/month) | More information
  • Available on: Web | Desktop (Windows and OS X) | Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Xbox
  • Safety: 128-bit AES, two-step verification.
  • Strong point: Perfect combo ideal when using Office 365, a collaborative tool.


Megaupload is another of these services that seems to be struggling with the same issuess. Especially so after nixing Kim Dotcom out of the project shortly after starting out, along with the fact that the current owner is a on the run as a fugitive after being pressed for charges relating to tax fraud. On the other hand, their subscription rates are ridiculously cheap, and that is a good thing. We’re talking about free 50GB. Yes, for free.

  • Free Space: 50GB
  • Plans: 200GB (4,99€/month) | 500GB (9,99€/month) | 2TB (19,99€/month) | 4TB (29,99€/month) | More information
  • Available on: Web | Desktop (Windows, OS X and Linux) | Android | iOS | Windows Phone
  • Strong Point: Huge amount of totally free storage.

Amazon Cloud Drive

If shopping online is your kind of thing, you’re most likely more than a little familiar with Amazon. Their cloud storage offers users 5GB of free space for all of their shoppers, and if you subscribe to Amazon Premium, you’ll get unlimited space for uploading photos and videos thanks to their very reasonably priced yearly plan.

  • Free Space: 5GB
  • Rates: 20GB (8€/year) | 50GB (20€/year) | 100GB (40€/year) | 200GB (80€/year) | 500GB (200€/year) | 1TB (400€/year) | More information
  • Available one: Web | Desktop (Windows and Mac) | Android | iOS
  • Strong Point: VERY cheap.


Apple’s cloud storage service has always tried to adapt their prices to user needs and in fierce competition with every one else. On top of 5GB for free, three other subscription plans are also available. Although, pricing varies depending on your location. Obviously, their main appeal is for Apple fans who want seamless integration with their iPhones, MacBooks, etc. More so, when you consider that they haven’t come out with an Android client, though that’s not to say that there aren’t more than a few alternative ways to get iCloud to run your Android.

  • Free Space: 5GB
  • Rates: 50GB (0,99€/month) | 200GB (2,99€/month) | 1TB (9,99€/month) | More information
  • Available on: Web | Desktop (Windows y OS X) | Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Xbox
  • Security: 128-bit AES, two-step verification.
  • Strong Point: Seamless integration with Apple products.



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