At the beginning of this year, after the shutdown of Megaupload, its creator Kim Dotcom presented MEGA as the new substitute for the controversial file-hosting service. Eleven months after the new service’s birth, the company has announced that MEGA has completed its beta phase and has launched an improved version that incorporates many new features.

This version of MEGA arrives with a facelift with regards to both its design and its functionality. The interface has been revamped, with the addition of a menu that makes browsing more intuitive and helps users share all their files faster and more easily, reducing the load on your CPU.

What’s new

This version boasts a faster upload speed thanks to the reduction in size of the upload code, meaning users can enjoy files shared over the service much more quickly. A new open session system has also been added to the browser, with data being stored in a local cache to retain your session information in your browser, thus accelerating session startup since the only things that will need to be loaded are the changes that have been made since the user last left the service.

Users can now have a profile picture so they can be recognized in their friends’ contact lists. You just have to drag the photo you want to share on MEGA and scale it to size. In addition, contact management has been improved—users can see the number of files that each contact has shared, including the date and the time modified so you can follow all the changes made.

mega sale de la beta

The new navigation pane lets you switch between tabs more easily so that users can move between their shared folders, personal cloud, trash bin, and inbox using the four upper buttons.

The system also improves the sharing of files to allow simultaneous browsing while file transfer is in progress. The file queue will shrink to a small widget at the lower left corner whenever the user leaves the queue window.

And there’s more to come

Kim Dotcom’s company has not only revamped its service, but has also shaken up its MEGA mobile apps and announced that the iOS version, now awaiting approval for its release, will soon be available in the App Store. Users of Android devices, in turn, have already been enjoying their apps since last July.


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