It’s not the first time we’ve talked here on Uptodown about the best development environments aimed at game creation. Although there are icons like Unity and Game Maker: Studio, there are also specialized tools for almost any genre you want to dig into. This list shows the most relevant programs that we have stored here on Uptodown.

  • Construct2: Lets you create all kinds of games via a drag&drop system supported by an accessible scripting language and several support tools such as the physics engine or graphic support resources. Ease level: Medium – Lite/Paid Model. [Download]
  • RPG Maker: One of the classics. Lets you create 2D Japanese role-playing games. There are different versions, although the VC ACE is one of the best. Ease level: High – Lite/Paid Model. [Download]
  • M.U.G.E.N: Totally oriented toward creating 2D fighting games. Its modularity lets you use fighters, settings, and other resources independently from other projects. Ease level: High – Free. [Download]
  • Game Maker Studio: One of the most complete and accessible options. It lets you create almost any kind of game (even 3D) and has loads of documentation on the Internet. Its scripting language is optional and gives it a lot of depth. Perfect for both newbies and professionals. Ease level: Medium – Lite/Paid Model. [Download]
  • Unreal Development Kit: This professional engine for creating 3D games has recently become completely free (with a small percentage going to the studio if the game earns a profit). Later versions have become so accessible that it’s possible to create games practically without even touching any code. Ease level: Medium – Free. [Download]

crear juegos unreal engine The definitive list of game creation programs

  • Mario Builder: An environment to create Mario Bros games in the classic 8- and 16-bit style. Includes graphic and audio resources. Ease level: High – Free Model. [Download]
  • Torque 3D: Complete open-source 3D game development environment. Ease level: Medium – Free. [Download]
  • StencylWorks: A fantastic IDE along the lines of Game Maker or Construct2, with the advantage of having a system of modular objects that lets you download resources for your projects via its own platform. The Free version limits the export of projects. Ease level: Medium – Lite/Paid Model. [Download]
  • Arcade Game Studio: A small but functional environment to create simple arcade-style games like the classics from the 80s. Its interface, although a bit rough, is more than sufficient for its purposes. Ease level: Medium – Free. [Download]

crear juegos arcade game studio The definitive list of game creation programs

  • GameSalad: Drag&drop system to quick-publish games on different platforms. The paid version requires a monthly subscription. Ease level: Medium – Lite/Paid Model [Download]
  • Unity 3D: The trendy engine. It lets you create all sorts of games, although it’s designed for 3D development. Very versatile, and its basic version is fully functional and lets you export your creations for Windows or via a web player. Ease level: MediumFree/Premium Model. [Download]
  • CraftStudio: Development environment for all sorts of 3D games with the grid aesthetic of Minecraft. The basic version limits the export options. Ease level: MediumLite/Paid Model. [Download]
  • Solarus: Lets you create games in the style of the first title from the Legend of Zelda saga for 8- and 16-bit consoles. Includes templates with graphics and sounds extracted from those games. Ease level: HighFree. [Download]

crear juegos solarus The definitive list of game creation programs

  • Tutuloo Game Maker: Completely free development environment for games in HTML5 with an integrated code editor and several templates and supports. Ease level: Medium – Free Model. [Download]
  • Adventure Game Studio: A fantastic environment for developing classic point-and-click graphic adventures. Although its learning curve passes through learning the scripting language, the results can be exceptional without too much effort. Ease level: Low – Free [Download]
  • Quest: Conversational text adventures had a big moment during the 80s. This tool lets you create your own games in this style via an intuitive menu system. Ease level: High – Free [Download]
  • Godot Engine: A small open-source environment for creating videogames. Although it’s not quite as intuitive as some others, it includes a scripting language (similar to Python) that offers very good results. Ease level: Low – Free. [Download]
  • Wintermute Engine: Another graphic adventure editor with certain improvements over the mentioned AGS, including the option to add (prerenderized) 3D and high-resolution graphics. Ease level: Medium – Free. [Download]

crear juegos wintermute The definitive list of game creation programs

  • RenPy: Visual interactive novels are a very famous genre in Asian countries. RenPy lets you create your own easily. Ease level: High – Free. [Download]
  • EF-12: A surprising environment to create fighting games in 3D. Although it’s completely free, to create the character animations for ones not included you’ll need to use an external modelling program. Ease level: Medium – Free. [Download]
  • Sandbox Game Maker: A cooperative 3D environment that, in addition to being a game development tool, properly speaking, is a fantastic educational program to stimulate creativity. [Download]
  • Adventure Maker: Lets you create first-person point-and-click adventures, including both games and virtual tours. Ease level: Medium – Lite/Paid Model. [Download]

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