Five new alternatives to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for Android

We've discovered five new games that follow the leads of PUBG and Fortnite, to become the newest additions to the world of Battle Royale games.

There’s no doubt that PUBG Mobile has been one of the most important games of the year. Its significance is real, and the only thing that can slightly overshadow it is the future release of Fortnite. However, the importance of this Battle Royale game has led to heaps of clones for Android. We already did a recap of those a few months ago, but today we’re back to talk about five new clones of PUBG that have arrived on mobile devices. 

Alternativas PUBG

Operation Freedom

We’ll be perfectly honest about Operation Freedom: the game is still a little wet behind the ears. This Battle Royale hasn’t been around for long and there aren’t too many differences that make it stand out among this list of clones of PUBG. The game only brings together 40 players to fight for survival and the most interesting part may be that its graphics are pretty decent. With any luck, it’ll eventually evolve in order to become a worthwhile contender. [Download]

Operation Freedom

CrossFire: Legends

Here, Tencent grants us the possibility to enjoy the Battle Royale version of CrossFire, one of the most popular FPS games in China. CrossFire: Legends is geared toward players with more low-range devices who want to join the party of PUBG-type games. That’s why this game’s graphics are pretty sorry in comparison to the rest of the games of this style. But at least it offers the typical battles of survival on an island of 120 players and also lets you give it all you’ve got in a PVP game mode that brings you closer to the original CrossFire. [Download]

CrossFire: Legends Battle Royale Battleground

For anyone who’s tired of the traditional point of view of most Battle Royale games, this game should be right up your alley. sets up the camera in the always nice isometric perspective to immerse you in battles between 32 different opponents. Its cartoon appearance is a nice change from the typical clones of clones of clones that all look the same. And we’re loving the short rounds and simple controls. [Download]

Project : Battle

The announcement of the arrival of Fortnite on mobile devices triggered developers to release their own games “inspired” (to put it nicely) by the work from Epic Games. Thus, we have FortCraft and now Project: Battle where you can build structures to safeguard your victory. Despite having some small performance issues, the game couldn’t look better. [Download]

Project : Battle

The Last Survivor

The Last Survivor is the perfect game for anyone looking for an alternative to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds that doesn’t try too hard to be original. It’s a game that looks great from all angles, but doesn’t add anything remarkable. We may be bigger fans of the crazy things other games have attempted (like the Mech en Last Battleground: Survival), but we can’t really complain about this noteworthy Battle Royale. [Download]

The Last Survivor


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