Recently Bluehole studio, the developer behind Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, announced that they are taking legal action against many of the clones of their hit title. If they are truly the pioneers of the Battle Royale genre, nowadays they face stiff competition from the likes of Epic Games’ Fortnite, as well as other developers like NetEase, whose games are the target of the lawsuit. Here are some of the most successful PUBG clones on Android… enjoy them while you still can.

rules of survival screenshot 1 Ten Playerunknown's Battlegrounds clones for Android

Rules of Survival / Terminator 2

Check out this crazy story. Rules of Survival was first launched as a Battle Royale game in China with the official license for Terminator 2. You can still enjoy the Asian version with appearances from T-800s and Schwarzenegger, and the international version has a few winks to this like the level called ‘Hasta la vista’. Everything else will look familiar, but taken to the next level: matches can feature up to 300 people in an 8×8 kilometer map, and you can play solo or as part of a team. Between the three titles developed by NetEase, this one is a clear winner. It even goes as far as having a PC version. [Download]

Knives Out

This is the second title developed by NetEase that follows PUBG’s formula, limiting the arena to 100 players and offering virtually identical gameplay. Its main virtue with respect to the other titles is that you can customize your HUD to the smallest detail, from the position of each of the buttons to what those buttons actually do. It has fewer servers than Rules of Survival and normally doesn’t run as smoothly, but it is truly a fun game for mobile devices. [Download]

Wilderness Action screenshot 3 Ten Playerunknown's Battlegrounds clones for Android

Survivor Royale

This one is a bit confusing. The aforementioned Knives Out (which is called Wilderness Action in Asia) and this title called Survivor Royale are virtually identical, with just a few small differences in weapons and the interface. It seems like NetEase decided to split the game into two different titles at some point, whether in name only or to release them in different regions. In the end, both versions were released internationally. The more the merrier. [Download]

Free Fire

Outside of the NetEase emporium there is a lot of variety. If 100 players seems like too many, Free Fire features just 50, with match times under 10 minutes. The experience is similar, but condensed into a smaller battlefield than its counterparts. [Download]

Last Battleground: Survive

The game Elex was also one of the pioneers that offered an experience close to the original PUBG. From the initial 32 player limit it’s increased to 40, hopping into the bandwagon alongside countless other titles that have added a new game mode to join in on the party. How about giant robots falling from the sky like in Titanfall? [Download]

Sausage Man

Now for a quick change of pace, since not everything is about blood filled battles and death. Errr, it is, but how about switching out people for little SAUSAGES? Sausages that shoot, drive vehicles, grab weapons, and take down other little tubes of meat. It’s one way to tone down the violence of a Battle Royale. The game was a hit in Asia, and it’s one of the most played games in other marketplaces like QooApp. Although everything is in Chinese, that won’t stop you from having a blast playing it. [Download]

Survival Squad

It’s a basic Battle Royale game. Nothing more, nothing less. [Download]

Battlelands Royale

One of the most popular changes in Fortnite was that it trades out the realistic graphics of PUBG for something out of a comic book. Battlelands Royale features an easy to use isometric camera and cartoony graphics that are appropriate for all ages. Simplified controls, 24 players, and pastel colors. For carebear fans. [Download]

Grand Battle Royale

Minecraft can be mixed with anything, as demonstrated by dozens of low-poly style Battle Royale games on Android. Grand Battle Royale features colorful blocks and the same tried and true formula. [Download]

PUBG grand battle royale Ten Playerunknown's Battlegrounds clones for Android



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