The highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls Blades has been progressively launched in a journey that started back at the end of March. It’s early access launch allowed those who pre-registered to receive access just days later. A few hours ago, during the E3 2019 Bethesda conference, the 1.1 version was officially released, although it’s still not cataloged as the final version (the Arena Mode is not yet available) it includes several novelties and rewards if you enter this week.

The 832MB patch will be installed from the app once it’s been updated, although it’s not included in the download file. Here’s a list of this version’s most eye-catching features:

the elder scrolls blades e3 bollo [E32019] The Elder Scrolls Blades 1.1 version is now available

  • A new mission starring an Ancient Dragon and a mysterious dragonslayer. To access the new mission, talk to Sorine in the town after completing the “Treasure Hunter” mission.
  • Jewels that enhance your skills: new rings and necklaces that can be found inside chests, crafted at the smithy or bought at the Enchanter’s Tower.
  • Upgrades of the tasks and combats in the solo Arena mode.
  • Voiceovers for the NPCs in the city and main missions.
  • More precise skull scores. The missions display their difficulty level with regard to your skills more precisely.
  • Upgrades for characters in level 50 and up.  
  • The top level has been expanded to 100.

elder scrolls blades featured [E32019] The Elder Scrolls Blades 1.1 version is now availableIn order to celebrate the event, log on this week to get a banner for your city (pastries and all), a sapphire ring and 200 gemstones. Nevertheless, the previously-mentioned points are not the only ones. There’s a huge changelog that includes all the changes that affect the majority of the game’s elements.

Besides all those changes, it was announced during the Bethesda conference that the game will also be available for Nintendo Switch, which will allow you to play the game on both devices.


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