Until recently it was impossible to imagine that we’d have half a dozen official Pokemon games for Android. Though some – like Pokemon GO – are ridiculously famous, several of the others remain unknown even to serious Pokemon fans. So without further ado, here they all are.

Pokemon Masters

The latest game to arrive is one that best encompasses the essence of the franchise. Pokemon Masters lets you participate in turn-based combats with your team of creatures all fighting simultaneously. The adventure is set in the new island of Passio, where you’ll come across Pokemon from different generations and familiar faces like Misty and Brock. [Download]

Pokemon Duel

Called Pokémon Comaster in Japan, Pokemon Duel is the international adaptation of this official game from The Pokemon Company in collaboration with the studio HEROZ Japan. In this case, the experience centers on battles against other real players over a curious virtual gameboard where the piece are all Pokemon. [Download]

Pokemon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle is a puzzle game that was initially available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and has since come to Android. The title translate the experience of capturing and collecting Pokemon into puzzles with short levels. As a trainer you have to manage to trap the creatures you’re facing by moving pieces on a grid to line up matches to deplete your opponent’s life level within a certain number of turns. The whole gameplay is wrapped up in a system of life recovery and items to improve your capture and evolution possibilities, which is where the heart of the matter and the whole business model lie. [Download]


Pokemon Quest

Nintendo Switch users were the first ones to enjoy this freemium game, which was later on released for smartphones. The cube-based visuals might remind you of Minecraft, but the gameplay is totally different. This time, you’ll alternate between short missions. Much like the automatic real-time RPGs that are so popular in this platform. You’ll then manage your gains at a camp base where you’ll get the chance to evolve and upgrade your creatures. [Download]

Pokemon Rumble Rush

Once again, the formula takes us through different paths. This time, the creature-collecting factor is present, but the way you obtain them is a little different. You’ll face the different missions with a Pokemon who’ll attack your enemies when you tap on the screen. In the meantime, you also have to collect a bunch of coins. The creatures’ aesthetics more closely resemble stuffed animals than monsters. If you add that to the formula’s simplicity, then you’ll see that this game is ideal for the little ones. [Download]

Pokemon GO

There’s not much to add about the craze that peaked in the summer of 2016, though it does keep getting updates and new seasonal events that roll out to reignite player interest. No long explanations needed: you trek around the real world capturing Pokemon using GPS and an odd augmented reality mode where the characters get superimposed over the actual setting. [Download]

Pokemon Magikarp Jump

As trainers, you’ve got to use Pokeballs to fish for new Magikarps, buy fishfood in the food store as well as powerups to make them grow, and train them to improve their stats. The so-called jump points are the barometer that measures the capacity of your Pokemon. What appears to be an inside joke with the most passive Pokemon of all generations has become a competitive and fun game. [Download]

Pokemon Trading Card Game

The TCG set in the Pokemon universe has been around since 1995, offering an interpretation closer to the battles seen in the video games from the saga. Besides sharing much of the nomenclature from Pokemon Duel, there’s a mode with real cards from the original title that gave rise to the digital version. An essential for the most diehard fans. [Download]

Camp Pokemon

Camp Pokemon remains an officially licensed oddity where you trek around an island looking for pins, which are basically just Pokemon stickers you can later use in your pictures. [Download]



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