Certain formulas might seem to be worn-out but could very well have a second wind if they’re developed tastefully. The British studio, Boss Mode, seems to know a thing or two about doing things right as they’re showing the world with their new creation War of Magic. We’re talking about a brand new game for Android that fits into the turn-based, strategy and RPG categories.

Just as they describe it in their official web, the classic Final Fantasy games have clearly inspired the combat system, but the action is based on a more modern system: collectible cards and decks controlled by mana which is recharged as time passes. In that sense, the game has more in common with the development of games such as Clash Royale than with the RPG world, although they keep away from real-time action.  

war of magic screenshot 3 War of Magic: strategy and incredibly artistic collectible cards

All you have to do is take a look at the game development diaries’ artistic level to recognize that the studio is way above average. The images, as well as the models and 3D combat animations, are carefully and tastefully done. In fact, it’s clear to see that Boss Mode has plenty of experience in this field as can be seen by the 60 Free to Play games that the seven team members have worked on.

As far as the game itself, it’s based on managing the skills of the before-mentioned decks, which you’ll have the chance to customize before each challenge and level them up following Supercell’s already well-established rules. During the combats, you can choose your target, which will have strengths and weaknesses for each type of spell.  Basic magic, healing, area attacks, shields or dazes are readily available. In other words, anyone who’s familiar with the genre will feel like a fish in the water.

war of magic screenshot 1 War of Magic: strategy and incredibly artistic collectible cards

The game develops by chapters which are divided into smaller challenges. During these challenges, you’ll unlock heroes who’ll join your three-member team, as well as cards and coins that can help you improve your decks. You can also unlock new islands that include more chapters and after a certain point, you’ll unlock the PvP arena which will help you earn even bigger rewards when you collect victories.  

The game is available in Google Play, although it’s still in a preliminary developing stage so there could be changes to the final version. So where’s the money-making part? It’s not really a big mystery. You can buy resources with real money through the in-game store. We’re talking about action points that you can use to advance in the story, coins to upgrade your cards and crystals to get new ones. It probably goes without saying that you can get all of this for free, it’ll just take you longer.

war of magic screenshot 2 War of Magic: strategy and incredibly artistic collectible cards


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