Most of us never swerve from the same old, same old when it comes to choosing a desktop browser, but there are lots of alternatives beyond the inveterate Chrome and Firefox. The Vivaldi project is backed by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, cofounder and CEO of the Opera browser, so its chops are in no doubt. Now, after more than two million downloads, four technical previews, and more than 50 public revisions, Vivaldi has finally reached its beta phase in its versions for Windows and Mac.

Its capacity for customization, both visually and in terms of configuring shortcuts and touch gestures, make it a “high-range” browser that in successive revisions has continuously added new features. In fact, the latest changes since the most recent tech review three months ago include private browsing windows, web panels, page-loading progress bars, support for HTML5 h.264 videos, geolocalization, and tab window previews, among many other things.

Version 1.0.303.52 of Vivaldi is available for Windows and Mac.



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