As we always say, there’s life beyond the most commonly used browsers. Vivaldi is no newcomer to the world of browser options. The project, backed by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, co-founder and CEO of the Opera browser, has been one of the best desktop browser alternatives for more than five years. Plus, in September 2019, the mobile client was officially released, making it a solid option for Android devices as well. Now, with the release of the new stable version 3.5, they’ve included brand-new privacy and security options among other great improvements.

vivaldi browser featured new Vivaldi is hands-down one of the best browsers you can find

Beyond the most recent changes, Vivaldi shines in both its desktop and mobile versions for its options to block trackers while browsing, browse anonymously, create your own custom tab blocks, block ads, and synchronize your encrypted profile across devices. After more than one year since the release of the first public beta for Android, the app has received constant updates and improvements to become one of the best mobile browsers available on the market.

vivaldi browser news Vivaldi is hands-down one of the best browsers you can find

New features in version 3.5


  • An option to erase entire browsing history from the session upon sign out.
  • An option to disable IP broadcast when using WebRTC, allowing, among other things the filtering of your IP address when using a private VPN.
  • More organization options for the integrated notes tool.

Download Vivaldi for Android from Uptodown.


  • New options for organizing and stacking tabs in the background.
  • DRM problems with video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime HD, Spotify and Disney+ are solved.
  • The possibility to share URLs via QR code.
  • Customizable browsing menus.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can now be used by pressing a single key instead of a combination of several keys at once.
  • It’s now easier to change the browsing language.

Download Vivaldi for Windows and Mac from Uptodown.

Vivaldi 3.5 desktop Update

Uptodown is an official alternative download source for the Vivaldi browser, including the versions for Android, Windows and Mac.


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