In November 2020, we gave the Uptodown website a total makeover, with a much clearer and simpler design to make navigating our catalog so much easier. As most of you already know, it’s possible to download apps from Uptodown through any browser. However, we also have an official app that makes it possible to automatically update installed apps, along with tons of other handy features. So it was only a matter of time before we came out with the new version 3.84 of the Uptodown App Store with a new design and –drum roll, please– the highly-anticipated dark mode that you’ve all been asking for.

Uptodown App Store download apps

The new update of the Uptodown App Store maintains all the features that already existed and that put it a step above the website version. This means you’ll still have the possibility to download updates, revert to an older version of any app, analyze all the apps installed through our protection system backed by VirusTotal, and create backups. However, with the aesthetic improvements, navigating all these features is even more clear and intuitive now.

Themed Menus

Now, the app is divided into four simple tabs found at the bottom of the screen. First, you have the home icon where you’ll find the latest apps added and an overview of the most downloaded apps in each category. Next to that icon, you’ll find the tab dedicated to only games, then the international top downloads (limited by the traffic in the language you’re using), and lastly, the tab all the way on the right will take you to a list with all the basic categories the platform offers.

Uptodown App Store redesign EN

Dark mode

It’s impossible to count how many times our users have asked for this feature. We apologize for the delay, but it’s finally here! The new dark mode can be turned on from the side menu and lets you view the app with dark backgrounds and an adapted range of colors. Although you can choose this mode manually, it also includes the option to adapt it according to the device’s default settings.

Uptodown Modo Oscuro

Apps managed by Unity Distribution Portal

Since March 2020, Uptodown has formed part of the Unity Distribution Portal, Unity’s platform where developers can publish their video games on alternative marketplaces. Thanks to this agreement, now we can offer totally secure in-app purchases we manage ourselves using the services of Santander Bank. From now on, you’ll be able to see apps featured in our catalog that allow it.

Changelog (v3.80-3.84)

  • Dark/Night mode.
  • New home tab with top lists organized by categories and featured apps.
  • Added the sha256 hash of each file in the information for each app.
  • Featured games with in-app purchases managed by Uptodown.
  • Easy-to-find rollback option for older versions of apps.
  • Improved translations for Arabic, German, Spanish, Indian, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Russian and Chinese.
  • Bug fixes

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