At Uptodown, we’ve decided to use our resources to support any initiative related to dealing with the coronavirus. Our home offices are located in Spain, so we’re witnessing first-hand the effects of this serious world crisis. That’s why we’re openly offering all our resources to projects and organizations that develop or distribute apps which may provide some sort of help in managing this pandemic.

For this purpose, we’ve created a specific email account: It can be used by anyone who has information about new projects created by public organizations and developers who want their apps to reach the most people possible. We’re an app distribution platform, for both mobile and desktop, with international visibility and over 100 million individual users per month. We want anyone who needs it to be able to get the most out of our diffusion capabilities. 

uptodown featured split apk Uptodown supports the promotion and distribution of apps to fight against COVID-19

There are tons of ways for an app to be effective in the fight against the COVID-19. In fact, after the great results achieved by these types of apps in Chinaseveral countries have already released apps of this kind coming from both public and private initiatives. The possible features of such an app can vary widely:

  • Big data information analysis, collecting statistical information to create statistics or predictions.
  • Identification of danger zones using updated information.
  • Quarantine information using geolocation systems.
  • A way to offer official informative services to the public to avoid the saturation of other diffusion methods.



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