The top 10 Android games of the month [March 2019]

It’s that time once again: time to sum up the latest game releases of the month for Android. We’ve seen an Asian invasion of titles, and out of the ten games we recommend, half of them come from Asian studios and offer anime looks. This is an unmistakable sign of the power this market is having over the preferences of users around the world. In fact, the untouchable PUBG Mobile is developed by the Chinese giant, Tencent. Globalization reached the land of videogames a long time ago.

magia charma saga featured The top 10 Android games of the month [March 2019]

Crystal Hearts World

One of the most played JRPGs in recent months in Korea now has an international version translated into English. It’s an RPG centered around 3D combats where, although your characters move around the screen automatically, you can select them to pause the action and decide what their next step will be. Great graphics, an old-school story, and more than 100 characters to recruit through the typical gacha system. [Download]

Crystal Hearts World combate contra ogro

Downhill Masters

Downhill sports games are a great way to blow off steam. Downhill Masters has you participate in bicycle competitions where, in addition to participating in the events themselves, you’ll also manage your character. The difference between this and other games is that each character has its own unique personality that’s even reflected in the briefing room, along with its appearance and animations. Overwatch casts a long shadow. [Download]

Downhill Masters descenso en bicicleta

King of Crabs

The gameplay of .io games is adapted to almost any formula, just like we’ve seen in the last few months with the game set in the movie Jaws, or this King of Crabs. A fierce fight between shellfish on the shore. That said, its totally absurd concept doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s an incredibly fun game with surprising graphics. Looks can be deceiving! [Download]

King of Crabs cangrejo en una roca

The Night Park

No one can say it’s all been done. In The Night Park you have to create your own supernatural amusement park by hiring aliens, witches, or snow monsters. For this, you have to make your way by defending your territories and attacking other players’ through a fun gameplay that’s halfway between a Tower Defense and what any Clashploitation might have to offer. [Download]

The Night Park vigilantes contra duendes

Mecha Storm

Titles from the saga Robot Wars/Taisen and thus, renown animes like Gundam or Macross, are the breeding ground for this Mecha Storm, an action game where you have to overcome endless missions for one player, controlling your team of gigantic robots. But in addition to the more than 100 single-player missions, it also has a PvP mode. [Download]

Mecha Storm combate entre robots

Ping-Pong Star: World Slam

As we already know, ping-pong is a mass sport in various Asian countries, and as this game shows, it has the same qualities as Freemium games and all the style of a typical anime. The gameplay is based on touching the screen at the right moment and sliding your finger to create the effect of a hit. But beyond its mechanics, you also have the extreme customization of your character and the number of settings where you can play. And if you want to play with a frying pan, let’s just say there’s no one stopping you. [Download]

Ping Pong World Slam Partido en escenario oriental

Flame Dragon Knights

Not many would have guessed that Fire Emblem Heroes would be such a hit for Nintendo, awaking an interest in turn-based grid strategy games on an international level. So much so, that multiple similar titles have come out in these months, including this Flame Dragon Knights, which is also a sequel to a classic SRPG saga. [Download]

Flame Dragon Knights sistema de juego

Grand Street Racing Tour

Sometimes we miss the point of what actually makes a good racing game. Grand Street Racing Tour sticks to the basics: decent graphics that work on mid-range devices, simple but precise controls, and a variety of vehicles and competitions. Anything else is just extra when you can do some serious drifting as you wait for the bus. [Download]

Grand Street Tour carreras y derrapes

Laplace M/Tales of Wind

The Ragnarok saga set a precedent in the world of MMORPGs, putting a greater emphasis on visual character customization and relationships between players than the progression of statistics. Laplace M picks up the slack with a beautiful massive role-playing game. The Asian version is already available, but the international edition called Tales of the Wind is still in closed beta. If you’re interested, we talked about it in our blog here. [Download]

Laplace M Interfaz de juego

Magia: Charma Saga

Nexon doesn’t stop bringing us huge games. Magia: Charma Saga is a beat’em up with anime style. The gorgeous 2D graphics and gameplay remind us of the studio Vanillaware (Dragon’s Crown, Odin Sphere). Get ready for multiple characters to choose from, different unlockable abilities, and endless short missions. [Download]

Magia Charma Saga combate contra enemigos


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