The latest version of Opera is now available for download. It is a browser that offers exciting features, even though it’s not among those that hog nearly the entire market share in the sector (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox). It is a very fast, simple, and stable browser, which makes it a compelling alternative.

Opera 12.10 para Windows The new Opera 12.10 is now available

Version 12.10 includes some new features in regards to extensions. Basically, they have tried to make it so that it provides many more possibilities for accessing social networks and customization options with extensions, which aren’t anything more than add-ons or plug-ins that allow you to add a large variety of functionality to browsers.

The Opera browser is available for download for desktop computers running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, although this 12.10 update is aimed especially towards the Microsoft OS, including the recent Windows 8, in which it adapts to the RT version for tablets with a mobile control system. It also goes well with OS X Mountain Lion for Mac, and integrates with its Notification Center, in addition to being compatible with Retina displays.

Now you can also easily access social networks and see your friends’ activity on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as they are displayed in the browser’s quick access. Extensions for other social networks have also been included, such as Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

Among the productivity extensions is one of the most exciting that Opera 12.10 offers—Readability, which allows you to save the text of a website without downloading the photos so you can read it later whenever you want, as if it were an e-book.

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