We’ve talked loads here on the blog about all the cool stuff on the Opera browser – in both its desktop and smartphone versions – including novelties like an integrated ad-blocker or its own VPN. And now they’re saying that the latest version (41) released on the stable channel can make a cold start much faster than in previous versions. This makes for a considerable improvement when it comes to opening a session with several tabs.


As explained on Opera’s official blog, the new smart start system can optimize the startup sequence independently of the status of your session, with better results the more content you have pending to load. To calm the skeptics, we’ve tested it out in exactly that situation and in fact the load time drops to a couple seconds in all cases no matter what saved tabs you’re opening. Though even as far back as in 2015 Opera was already faster at opening from both a cold and warm start compared to Firefox and Chrome.


This isn’t the only new thing about this version. The loading of embedded videos in external pop-ups has improved via a new video acceleration mode, as has CPU use when the browser detects that you’re making a videocall. In addition, the integrated news reader interface has been refined.

Download | Opera 41 for Windows


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