They say Web3 —also known as the 3rd gen Internet— is indeed the near future. Thanks to its decentralization premise, it will be more secure and free, and it will take power away from the Internet giants and give it to the users.

However, although this concept is becoming more and more popular and, in theory, should not take too long to become established, it is still a little out of reach for some. This is the reason why Opera, one of the most innovative alternative browsers, has created Crypto Browser, a browser with which it is now possible to start exploring this world, regardless of your experience level.

This is the first Web3 browser designed to operate with cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs and dApps, which are apps that work on a decentralized network of nodes interacting with each other.

Opera Crypto Browser for Windows

One of this browser’s most attractive features is that it offers a non-custodial native wallet that allows access to all funds. You can create a new wallet or restore one with other services that you already have operational in the browser. You can also sign into dApps directly from the browser without the need to install any extensions.

This is not the first time Opera has entered the Web3 space. Back in 2018, they included a cryptocurrency wallet in their browser that provided the users with the option to top up crypto without using extensions or separate apps.

Strategic alliances

To release this new dedicated browser and make Web3 and cryptocurrencies more accessible to users, Opera has partnered with entities such as Polygon, Solana, Nervos, Celo, Unstoppable Domains, Handshake and ENS.

The Norweigan company says they are already working to pursue new partnerships with the goal of not focusing on a single blockchain or token, but rather in working in a truly collaborative environment and in tune with the Web3 community.

Moreover, one of the main worries of this kind of system and its operation is its power consumption. Hence, Opera has partnered with Polygon (previously known as MATIC), since this network consumes only 0.00079 TWh per year — while other blockchain networks consume 129 TWh per year.

What can you do with Opera Crypto Browser?

Aside from the wallet, Crypto Browser also offers all the features common to the Opera browser, like the Spotify, Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp integrations, tab navigation, pop-ups blocker and built-in adblocker.

The browser’s interface is divided into four tabs: the first contains the wallet, the second integrates the browser, the third shows all the alerts we might have set (price offers, releases, etc.), and the fourth one hosts the settings. Moreover, it also includes items whose job is specifically to operate with Web3.

Opera Crypto Browser for Android

Get all the info through Crypto Corner

Opera wants its Crypto Browser to be something more than just a tool with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Due to this, it offers a feature called Crypto Corner that we can use to get information, solutions and resources related to the crypto-world.

This aggregator will show cryptocurrencies’ updated prices, commissions status, next releases, an event calendar, and insight on NFTs and cryptocurrency’s communities.

Furthermore, you’ll get access to educational content, such as related podcasts, videos or articles, as well as direct access to Crypto Twitter, Discord, Reddit or DappRadar.

Crypto Browser settings

Non-custodial native crypto-wallet

As we mentioned, perhaps the most striking feature in this new Chromium-based browser is its non-custodial native crypto wallet, which allows us to operate without installing any extension and sign into decentralized apps (dApps) directly through the browser. Or, if you prefer, you can add our third-party wallet and buy, send, receive or exchange cryptocurrencies with other wallets.

NFT and GameFi

NFTs (non-fungible token) are also included in this browser. These digital assets (e. g., images or videos) can be safely and directly bought from this new browser via OpenSea, the NFT marketplace par excellence.

Opera will ensure that nobody has access to your wallet’s address not only because of its integration but also due to a safe clipboard that can be used to copy and paste the address and other sensitive data.

And as if all of the above wasn’t enough, this browser lets users access GameFi, a concept that combines decentralized finances, blockchain games, NFTs, and even DAOs.

With Opera Crypto Browser, users will be able to earn cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while playing online, which is already a pretty global trend in the crypto and digital games industry.

This browser is supported by Android, Windows and macOS and Windows. The iOS version is expected to arrive soon.