It’s been a while since we’ve talked about a new Telegram update that had any important changes; not since the real-time location sharing. It’s about time that a new version has shown up with some substance. Telegram 4.7 is now available for download and its two big differences are support for multiple accounts and quick replies. 

Telegram 4.7

Use multiple accounts on Telegram

It’s not everyday we find a messaging app that allows the use of different accounts, so Telegram once again takes the lead ahead of its biggest rival (WhatsApp) with this feature. You can add three additional accounts in Telegram, but remember that you need a different telephone number for each one. Doing so is as easy as tapping on the new link located below your profile that invites you to add a new account.

Maneuvering between these accounts is as simple as choosing the one you want to use from the side panel. It’s instant and only takes a tap of the screen, which makes this new feature incredibly useful. Hopefully this update from Telegram will light a fire under other messaging apps to start offering this same option.

Telegram 4.7

Answer messages rapidly with quick replies

Although Telegram already lets us respond to individual messages, this new version makes replying even faster and easier. All you have to do is slide the message you want to answer to the left so it appears selected in the lower part. This simple gesture is much more useful that it seems at first and will soon be priceless in our Telegram conversations.

We can use these quick replies in every type of message, whether its a group, channel, or private conversation. It’s an attractive new feature that completes this version 4.7 of Telegram. We never get sick of recommending this instant messaging app and with the regular flow of new updates, it seems like we’ll never stop.

Telegram 4.7

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