The new 5.9 version of Telegram adds an important feature to this messaging client: animated stickers. Not to be confused with the animated GIFs because these are vector animations that take up very little space. The animated stickers can be grouped as packs, much like the aesthetic images that were common until now. We’ll tell you about the first animated sticker packs available, and how to create your own. Be warned though, it’s not an easy task just yet.

Just like Telegram explains in their official post, these are TGS vector animations, which can only be generated using a specific plugin for Adobe After Effects at the moment. What does that mean? only that although the standard is open, the tool to generate them is not. Therefore, at the moment there is no method to export the animations through other animation tools using vector images.

telegram stickers feat How to add the new animated stickers to Telegram

Nevertheless, the first sticker packs are being created and you can already add them to your client like you normally would. In fact, you can find them in the app itself by tapping on the Add Animation button, choosing the Stickers tab, tapping on the gear icon and accessing the Trending Stickers section.

animated stickers telegram How to add the new animated stickers to Telegram

Telegram published some of the technical requirements for any user to start using the pack stickers. Nevertheless, here are some links so you can choose whichever you want:


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