The main feature of the new version 4.4 of the Telegram client for Android is a new system to share your location in real time via GPS with other users for a set period of time, with the power to specify how long and with whom your information is shared.

Once you have updated your client to the new version and are having a conversation with one of your contacts, you simply press the share button shaped like a clip, where there is a new “Location” option alongside the old buttons for camera, video, music, archive, and contact. If you haven’t given access your GPS, a message will pop up to let you quickly enable it.

There are two different functions related to your position. The first is the previously available option to share your location as a static location, and the second is the new option to “Share my location for…” that lets the user see your real time location for 15 minutes, an hour, or eight hours.

This new feature of Telegram is similar to the one introduced a few months ago in Google Maps. In this case, the function doesn’t rely on external geolocation tools, instead using your phone’s GPS. Because of this, it isn’t available on the desktop version.

Telegram 4.4 para Android en Uptodown [APK] | Descargar


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