The Soccer Manager brand has been growing in popularity throughout the years. This videogame studio based in the U.K. has over 15 years of experience under its belt. Currently, the soccer game factory has over a million active players every month. And this number is sure to only grow with the new edition of its flagship game. Soccer Manager 2020 has made its appearance in the Android catalog and in December, it will do the same on PC and Mac. With official licenses, you’ll be immersed in a world of sports management as you take full control of a soccer team from your smartphone. Hundreds of soccer players await you. Thousands of fans are getting pumped up for this new season. Will you be able to live up to the hype?


Hundreds of real soccer teams and players

You just have to take a glance at the menu in Soccer Manager 2020 to see the enormous number of options the title has to offer. The first step to create your profile is to select one of the real leagues that exist in the world. All the top competitions like La Liga, the Premier League, and the Bundesliga are here with their official logos. However, if you like less mainstream soccer, you can also take part in the championships in countries like Croatia, Poland, Chile, China, or Australia. After picking a country, your next job is to choose between one of the 800 teams available. All of them have updated rosters for the 19/20 season. That said, we’ve come across some that still have players who no longer play for some teams. This is a problem that we’re hoping will be corrected in future updates.


Soccer Manager 2020 and its intuitive menu

One of the key aspects of any sports management game is for its sections to be easily accessible. Simplicity is one of the main qualities that Soccer Manager has mastered with each one of its editions. When you tap on the home icon, you’ll see a collection of sections where you’ll be informed of your team’s situation. To the left, you’ll see the different information about the competition you’re taking part in. In the middle of the screen, you’ll have your inbox and in the lower part of the screen, a preview of your stadium and the levels of the different parts of the club.


In the upper part of the screen you’ll find the name and emblem for the team you control. When you tap on this box, you’ll access all sorts of data about your players, finances, transfers, and game schedule. In fact, if you select one of your players, you’ll see a complete file with all his features, records, market value, and fitness level. You’ll even find the option to compare one player to another on the same team.


On each player’s individual page, you can tap on the bar at the top to move the him to the reserve team, add him to the transfer list, add him to the load list, or even offer him a renewal contract. On the other hand, you also have the option to increase his fitness and morale levels with the boosters you get as rewards.


Don’t forget about the club finances

The budget is an aspect that you can’t let slide throughout the season. Transfers will cost more and more and that’s why you’ll have to focus your effort on controlling your team’s finances. To do this, you just have to go to the finances tab to see different graphs concerning the movements of the club. This way it’ll be easy to see what areas you need to move your money to.


Expand your facilities as an investment in the future

When the your team’s budget levels out, you have the option to expand your infrastructure. Not only can you improve the conditions of your stadium. You’ll also be able to create a good training field and an academy to train future players. It’s also important to improve the scouting network if you want to intercept promising up-and-comers from any league in the world.


It’s game time

The whole point of all the moves you make in Soccer Manager 2020 is to shine on the field. Every week, your team will have a challenging league commitment in your home stadium or away. This is why when it comes time to play a match, you have to lay your best strategy down on the field. If you know the rival’s game style, it’ll be easier to adapt your formation for the match at hand. The title offers multiple combinations for your team to carry out different plays. It’ll also be important to choose your starters and which players will sit the bench.


Once the referee blows the whistle to start the game you’ll watch the match from a three-dimensional aerial view. In Soccer Manager 2020 the graphics shown during the matches are better than ever and you’ll enjoy watching the plays your team makes. Plus, in this edition of the game, you’ll see text showing the goals and results in real time. Furthermore, during the 90 minutes, you can change the formation when you want or make substitutions. You can also fast-forward the playback or check the stats and results of the rivals.


A great music selection

Soccer Manager 2020 will have you spending hours managing every aspect of your soccer team. Throughout all these dealings, nothing could possibly better than having a great playlist to listen to. Luckily, the game has an integrated music player that will pump you up with an energized musical selection. 


Climb to glory or crash and burn

With Soccer Manager 2020, you’ll find one of the best soccer management games for Android. The great thing about it is that it offers real teams and players and gives you access to all the ins and outs that go into managing a team. Every decision you make will have repercussions on the playing field. Your team’s success will depend on your management skills. They’ll either end up holding up trophies or dropping down to a lower division. It all depends on you.


Soccer Manager 2020 for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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