It didn’t make much sense that one of the main features of the Pokémon saga didn’t exist in its mobile version. While it was announced a few days ago, the new options for real time combat against other trainers in 3vs3 battles are finally available today.

pokemon go pvp 3 PvP combat is now available in Pokemon GO

You can participate in any of the three leagues available according to the CP of your Pokémon team: Great (1500), Ultra (2500) and Master (no CP limit). To access these options, you’ll have to go to the Nearby menu where you can challenge other trainers by sharing or scanning a QR code. You can also fight against players who aren’t nearby, although they have to be friends, either Ultra or Best Friends.

pokemon go pvp en 2 PvP combat is now available in Pokemon GO

The battles take place in real time, letting you use any of the two special abilities of each character, in addition offering two Protect Shields in each combat. That said, your Pokémon will never lose energy after the battle, and can even earn stardust or evolutionary items after a conflict. However, you can’t use any healing items while in battle.

pokemon go pvp en 1 PvP combat is now available in Pokemon GO

Beyond all this, it’s also possible to get daily rewards both as team leader or trainer. In regards to this last point, you can train with Blanche, Candela, or Spark, regardless of the team you have assigned.

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