Around here we looooove Kodi – our media player of choice on our PC-connected home TV, Android devices, and even the delightful little gem of a mini-computer aka Raspberry Pi. Waiting for the latest Kodi updates on its stable channel has become one of our favorite rituals. The main change in the latest update is new default skins that replace the legendary Confluence theme with a much more elegant interface designed with touchscreens in mind. But that’s not the sole novelty – not by a long shot.

kodi 17 screenshot 5 The new Kodi 17.0 “Krypton” is now out!

The new skins (called “Estuary” and “Estouchy”) stack up the main sections for films, series, music, etc. in a menu on the left side of the screen. But besides the aesthetics, changes have been made to the layout of the options. In fact, the settings menu is now made up of tiles and is much more comfortable and intuitive to handle.

kodi 17 screenshot 2 The new Kodi 17.0 “Krypton” is now out!

Another important bit that’s gotten a boost is the music section, right underneath the video tab. The music section is now brightened by much more in-depth content scraped from the Internet, with info on the album you’re listening to or the artists who appear on it, for example. At a time when streaming services have become a mainstay, this addition can bring a new breath of life to your local music library.

kodi 17 screenshot 4 The new Kodi 17.0 “Krypton” is now out!

There are lots of other little changes and small thrills here – like the new controls via gamepad, the list of latest add-ons on chronological order of installation, and an important improvement in the audio quality for the Android version. Check out the full list of changes on the official blog.

Kodi 17.0 for Android [APK] | Download

Kodi 17.0 for Windows | Download

Kodi 17.0 for Mac | Download



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