When Kodi updates, it really updates. The popular open-source and multiplatform media center has just released a new version to its stable channel, and as usual for every jump in the version number, its new features are so noteworthy that they deserve to be listed with their proper descriptions. They run the gamut from playing videos beyond 1080p on Android to improvements in terms of selecting audio and subtitles in packages that include several versions.

As usual, the new version is applicable to all versions of Kodi: desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) as well as Android and specific compiliations like the super-useful edition for Raspberry Pi. You can also either reinstall the full software or proceed to the automatic update from the settings menu.

kodi 15 screenshot 1 Kodi 15.9 Isengard, the definitive media center, now available

  • 4k videos on Android: On devices where it’s supported, such as the NVIDIA Shield, you can play videos at top resolutions, with the only requirement being to have Android 5.0 or higher.
  • New chapter selection menu: A new menu has been created to ease the jump between the different video chapters, be they hard-copy disks or MKV files with embedded installers, allowing you to superimpose a window with a thumbnail view of each file.

kodi 15 screenshot 2 Kodi 15.9 Isengard, the definitive media center, now available

  • Facilities for selecting multilanguage subtitles or audio: A small, quite useful change. Now you can view the lists of subtitles and languages associated with a video instead of having to pass through them in the menu one by one to change them. A proper improvement in quality of life.
  • A improved fast-forward and rewind system: Another trifling change that improves the ease of use. When you press the fast-forward or rewind buttons, the number of times you press will vary the number of equidistant jumps you make through the video track.

kodi 15 screenshot 3 Kodi 15.9 Isengard, the definitive media center, now available

The rest of the changes can be consulted in detail in the official announcement on the Kodi blog.


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    its the easiest and fastest box out



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