G-Star 2018 is an important trade show held annually in South Korea. It’s focused exclusively on the production of online videogames and serves as a backdrop for the big dogs in the electronic entertainment world to present their upcoming releases. NCSoft and Nexon are two of the most important producers of MMOs for mobile devices, and as such, have presented the titles they’re set to release shortly, many of them for the international market. Did someone say a remake of the original Lineage II for PC, exclusively for smartphones? Just what I’ve always wanted!

traha m The Korean giants NCSoft and Nexon present their new Android games

Just like what Nintendo does in the big western trade shows, NCSoft has decided to hold its own event, independently from G-Star to present its releases, called NC Media Day.

  • Blade & Soul M: an MMORPG for PC that, in addition to having a second part coming out soon, will also have an adaptation for mobile devices. Its graphics with Unreal Engine 4, in addition to a look created using elements from Chinese folklore and martial arts, make it more than promising, at least visually speaking. And as if that weren’t enough, they’re also working on another variant called Blade & Soul S, in this case with friendlier looking caricaturized graphics.

  • Lineage 2M: This name is huge for many users who got their start in the world of MMORPGs during the last decade with this game. Be careful not to confuse this one with Lineage II from NetMarble, who used the license but are not the creators of the original title. This new version is the reinterpretation of the original title, with the creators putting special emphasis on the enormous dimensions of the game’s open world.

Nexon, for their part, and given their enormous production for mobile devices, have presented no less than 14 titles, with only three of them being for PC. Mabinogi Mobile, TalesWeaver M, The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon, Counterside, Lyn: The Lightbringer, Spiritwish, Crazy Arcade BnB M, 4 Towers, Dave the Diver, and Running Man Heroes. In addition to all these, we have one main course:

  • Traha Online: Their big focus in the land of MMORPGs is this game created with Unreal Engine 4 (it seems like we’re seeing this standard more and more). What it offers is a gameplay in (almost) real time in line with games like TERA or Aion, an enormous open world and graphics that that are above and beyond anything seen on the platform.


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