Most avid Blizzard MMORPG players will be familiar with I’m MT, an animated series from Machinima featuring caricatured animals that parodied World of Warcraft. The series turned into a franchise, and throughout the years has led to various Android games like the now extinct Rush of Heroes and I’m MT Card Battle. The joke has been taken so far that now Era of Legends (known in Asian territories as MT4: Lost Honor) is World of Warcraft-inspired MMO with so much quality and quantity of content that it could almost be an official port of the original.

After amassing a considerable amount of success in Asian countries like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Era of Legends/MT4 opened its servers for Southeast Asia, including an English language option. However, just days later, it did the same with the game’s international version, which is exactly the same as the original aside from certain aesthetic changes to adapt it for a western audience. That said, the global release will occur in phases, so for now, the only way to play it is by installing it via XAPK, available from Uptodown.

mt4 screenshot 1 Era of Legends, the parody-turned-World of Warcraft clone is now available

Era of Legends is a clear clone of World of Warcraft, having made a gradual transformation from the parody that it’s based on to the parodied title in each new version. You can choose the appearance of the original anthropomorphic animals or their “serious” namesakes that don’t even try to hide their inspiration taken from the title from Blizzard. Eight different classes, each one with three branches of specialization that fit nicely into the known standards of the original game. Yes, there are elves with purple skin and bull men. It’s not missing a thing.

mt4 screenshot 2 Era of Legends, the parody-turned-World of Warcraft clone is now available

Once you start playing, the characters, settings, and gameplay will all start looking familiar. And if you look at the map of the game, you’ll inevitably be reminded of the original Azeroth. Era of Legends is a monster that’s mutated from the parody it once was, into a progressively shameless “tribute.” So much so, in fact, that we could almost say it’s the most similar experience you’ll find to playing WoW on a smartphone. This, while not forgetting about other titles like Crusaders of Light and Order & Chaos Online, is saying a lot.

mt4 screenshot 3 Era of Legends, the parody-turned-World of Warcraft clone is now available

In conclusion: you’ll find dungeons for groups of up to 10 players, combats against bosses, guilds, flying mounts, life skills, fishing, quests, in-game chat, daily missions, armor sets, and basically, everything any MMORPG fan could possibly ask for. It remains to be seen if we’ll see a version translated into other languages released internationally, but for now, we can all at least quench our thirst for tanks, raids, and endless battles.

Era of Legends for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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