Microsoft continues with its strategy to invade the Android platform with its software after definitively scrapping the Windows Phone ecosystem from their plans. This time, it’s the Edge browser’s turn, one of the main lures of Windows 10, which carries the torch from its predecesor Internet Explorer. The browser is a worthwhile tool in its PC version and can now be used on our smartphones.

(04/02/2018) The first stable version of Microsoft Edge has been released officially and is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets with Android 4.4 or higher. 

edge featured Microsoft has released the Android version of its Edge browser (Updated)

The main appeal of the tool is its shared-browsing capability with its desktop version, allowing you to send both bookmarks and open tabs between your PC and smartphone/tablet. That said, for now this feature is limited to users with a Windows Insider subscription and have updated the operating system to the latest beta version (this feature is now available for everyone). Of course, after the tester phase this feature will become available for anyone with a stable build of Windows 10.

edge screenshot 1 Microsoft has released the Android version of its Edge browser (Updated)

Some great things about this browser are that it includes most of the basic features you would expect in terms of hidden browsing, interface customization, and favorites management. Naturally, the default browser is Bing, but you can swap it out for Google (or Yahoo, ha) in the settings panel.

To get an idea of the capabilities of Edge, we’ve compared it to the same benchmarks that we used in our latest comparison of Android browsers. The results were 52.765 +/- 1.638 for JetStream, 3483.3ms +/- 3.8% in Kraken and a score of 523 in HTML5Test. To put this in perspective, these results were higher than the current stable versions of Chrome and Firefox. We’ll definitely want to pay attention to how this newcomer evolves in the future.

Microsoft Edge for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download