Men in Black International premieres this upcoming 14th of June. This is the fourth screen adaptation of international agency in their quest of keeping the aliens on Earth under control. The new film starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson is yet another excuse to hop on the geolocalization and augmented reality wagon. Men in Black: Global Invasion is a new Android game that follows the Pokemon GO trail and turns you into an agent who captures any alien that crosses his path.

Although this new game, developed by Ludare Games, is being officially released mid-June, you can access it now. That’s right,  a soft-launch mode was released in certain countries without geographic restrictions. Although not all of the game’s features are available, (PvP, avatar customization), you can install it and play it now without any restrictions.

The formula shares some elements with games like Ghostbusters World, which was released a few months back. You’ll walk around the streets while capturing aliens by aiming and shooting. Luckily, you get to use different elements that are there to make your life a little easier. You can collect the different creatures you capture and upgrade the ones you already have. That’s an important aspect because you’ll get to play with your upgraded creatures in strategy turn-based combats.

The monetization system is the usual one: you can buy objects like weapons, items to help you capture monsters and gems to help you speed up your characters’ upgrades in the in-game store. You can also register to a monthly VIP mode that’ll give you access to permanent bonuses for a certain period of time. Nevertheless, you can access those same elements simply by playing.

Men in Black: Global Invasion for Android [APK] | Download


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