A few months ago, Google’s email service integrated new quick action buttons that allow users to interact with their emails without having to open them, such as an option to confirm your attendance for an event. Now they’ve added new features that let you open Google Docs or Dropbox documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and other files without having to download them from your inbox. You can also make restaurant reservations or rate local accommodations.

Gmail continues to look for ways to improve the quality of its service by giving users a more complete email experience. Although some are restricted to services available only in the United States, the new features aim to make using your Gmail inbox a bit faster and more functional, thus improving your productivity.

Up till now you’d see a message like this to confirm your attendance to Google calendar events:


Now you’ll start to see these sorts of buttons to access Dropbox folders or documents that your contacts share with you via Google Docs:


For now, these quick action buttons will be integrated with services like Seamless to leave restaurant reviews and OpenTable to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant without having to open an email. In addition, Gmail will also take advantage of these buttons to display promotions and discounts from Google Offers.


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