There are lots of ways to record what’s happening on your device screen together with the audio that’s playing alongside it, but most Android tools for that purpose require root, which not everybody can (or wants to) do. Luckily there’s an alternative that doesn’t require this procedure thanks to the Recordable app, which lets you capture everything happening on your screen and the incoming and outgoing audio for any app, including WhatsApp.

This application is one of many that can do audio and video at the same time, but in this case with no need for root. The sole “sticking point” is that you have to connect your device to a PC with a USB cable and install a desktop software for the process to work properly. That’s the price for the non-root in this case. For more details, check out the review of the app that we did here on the blog a long time ago. If you are a root user, though, or if you have Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher, you won’t need to connect your device to a computer.


Once the app is installed and the PC client started up you just activate the app to start recording everything happening on the screen. Recordable runs in the background so you can open any other app over it – in our case WhatsApp but it’s also functional with any other app you want to record. The bitrate and quality won’t be enough to record gameplays for video games but it’s more than enough for the task at hand here.


If what you want is actually to record just the audio from a standard voice call, other tools can do that too, like Automatic Call Recorder, which we explain how to set up and use in another blog post here.



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