One thing is for sure, no one here is questioning Google Photo’s high quality as a cloud-based photo and video file storing service. Especially when it comes to the the amount of available space they offer to users. But, one of the main problems they have to face is how little control and flexibility users actually get when choosing which content they want to sync with the cloud. The latest update has solved part of this issue by allowing users to manually choose which files they want to back up instead of syncing whole folders like crazy.

Until now, the best way to sync files was accessing the local file folder and selecting which folders you wanted on the cloud. The only thing about is that,  if you clicked on your WhatsApp file folder, you were likely to end up with a ton of cat memes and pictures of your friends having rooftop cocktails maxing out your storage for no reason. But have no fear, with the new changes you can just unselect the whole folder. That way, you’ll be able to pick exactly which photos you want in the cloud by tapping the button in the upper right hand menu where you can make a back up of only those pictures.—

Google Photos Back up now

To get this new option, you’ll have to update your Google Photos app to version 1.18 or higher. Now, the only missing feature is changing photo file dates by folders instead of one by one, but I guess that’s just the tool of our dreams.


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