Google Photos is one of the most complete galleries that you can download on your smartphone. But it’s not exactly what we’d call a lightweight app. Now, Google also offers Gallery Goa free gallery app for saving your videos and photos. The main advantage of using Gallery Go is that it’s an incredibly lightweight app that takes up only 10 MB. This means you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.

Google Gallery GO

Gallery Go is an app that’s geared toward less powerful devices or ones with more limited specifications. It’s an app that focuses on smartphones that work with the Android Go operating system, although you can use it on any device whether or not it has this version of the operating system from Google. It’s completely free, has all sorts of interesting features, and takes up less than 10 MB, ideal if you tend to have problems with space and storage.

Gallery Go

It’s a simple gallery, organized, and with all the basics. If you’re looking for a basic interface, this could be one of your best options. Another great thing about Gallery Go is that it always works offline: none of the options or possibilities require an internet connection in order to work, since it’s solely focused on your local gallery of multimedia files.

The app doesn’t have any complicated settings or options. You just have to install it on your smartphone and you can start browsing through the typical folders where you store your photos. You can decide if you want to see your files in chronological order or if you want to view them divided into folders you’ve created yourself. You can move images from one place to another and create new folders. It couldn’t be simpler.

Automatic organization

We recently wrote about some of the best tricks for getting the most out of Google Photos. If you’re looking for the most complete gallery possible with all sorts of options, Google Photos will still be much more interesting and complete, although it’ll also take up much more space.

However, Gallery Go has some really interesting features within everyone’s reach. One of the most interesting features is how it automatically organizes the images. Gallery Go scans the device automatically and uses artificial intelligence to organize the images and videos into categories. You don’t need to connect to the internet to do this and use this technology to reorganize the different folders.

Gallery Go light

You can organize your own folders created manually however you want, or you can let Gallery Go organize them for you. As you take photos with your phone, the app will put them in the corresponding folder. You’ll find folders for people, selfies, nature, documents, videos, and movies. This way everything will be organized effortlessly, in no time at all.

Compatible with microSD

Another one of the most interesting features in Gallery Go is that it’s compatible with SD cards. You can perfectly organize the internal and external storage of the device by moving photos and videos around as needed. You can send images or folders to the microSD card to free up space in case you need it.

Edit directly in the app

Gallery Go doesn’t offer as many editing options as Google Photos, but it does have a simple in-app editor. You just have to choose the image you want from the gallery and tap Edit. You can rotate or crop the photo you’ve chosen and you can add some of the available filters. It doesn’t let you retouch the brightness, colors, saturation, or shadows, but you can always use a filter and do some quick basic editing.

Gallery Go english

You can also use the automatic editing feature. You just have to open an image from the gallery and tap on the icon with the magic wand. The app will automatically edit the photo, altering the colors, light, and saturation, without you having to do a thing. It’s faster and a good way to always have the best shot.

Differences between Gallery Go and Google Photos

Of course, this app isn’t nearly as comprehensive as Google Photos. Gallery Go is a simple app that does exactly what it promises. It lets you organize your photos, crop them directly in the gallery, or complete simple edits. If you want many more features, Google Photos is a highly recommended alternative. With Google Photos, you can make videos, collages or GIFs from the app’s assistant. Or you can search by tags or using the AI to recognize if there’s a dog, cat, or your child in any pictures.

Gallery Go Google Photos

Google Photos is a much more complete app if you’re looking for all types of features and tools. But Gallery Go is a basic, simple, and intuitive app. And, most of all, it’s a perfect alternative if you’re short on space: the Google Photos app takes up over 1 GB, while Gallery Go only takes up a mere 10 MB and is compatible with any smartphone.


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