Ten best Android apps for July 2019

We’re highlighting the best apps we’ve encountered in July 2019. This is a list of alternative apps to get you out of your comfort zone.

This is a list of apps that stood out to us this past July. Having different alternatives from which to choose from is always important and the Android ecosystem is a good place to apply that mantra. Sometimes, getting out of our app comfort zone (the ones you use constantly) can lead you to discover one or two surprising alternatives that you’ll never uninstall from your smartphone again. Come on! give them a chance. 

vaporgram featured Ten best Android apps for July 2019


Vaporwave refers to the aesthetic tendencies that are associated with the 80s and overall digital art from decades past. Vaporgram is a picture editing tool that plays along those lines. You can apply a blurry filter as if it was a VHS recording or use a Windows 95 frame. Long live the neo-retro!  [Download]

top android julio vaporgram Ten best Android apps for July 2019


We can agree on the fact that features are what sustain an app’s success. However, as with a lot of things in life, looks are everything. 321FIT could be viewed as just another tool that’ll help you organize and plan your exercise routine, but, its minimalist look and pixelated illustrations provide a very unique experience. [Download]

top android julio 321fit Ten best Android apps for July 2019


Normally, the default download manager in your Android distribution or customization layer is pretty limited. Checkestry extends the features of a simple task using additional features to keep a more detailed control of everything you download into your smartphone with real-time notifications and a complete record of the movements you’ve made with your files. [Download]

top android julio checketry Ten best Android apps for July 2019


Regardless of the calendar app you currently use, a lot of users use the widgets associated with the app to quickly access their appointments and important events using their desktop. Everyday is an alternative that allows you to completely customize your daily or monthly tasks. [Download]

top android julio everyday Ten best Android apps for July 2019


There’s a lot of people who don’t enjoy having to listen to really long WhatsApp voice messages. Whether you simply hate voice messages, you can’t play them during certain situations or you have a hearing impairment, Voicepop solves the problem by automatically transcribing any audio clip you receiving in your chats. [Download]

top android julio voicepop Ten best Android apps for July 2019


Twelve offers you a feature that’s at the very least romantic. We’re permanently glued to our gadgets but this app lets you figure out the time frames when you can interact with your loved ones, as well as specify your own. You can figure out when your family and friends are truly available to interact with you. [Download]

top android julio twelve Ten best Android apps for July 2019

Gallery Go

Google is fully aware that some of their main apps aren’t what you would call lite, therefore, run of the mill smartphones to have a difficult time executing them. That’s why this app was created. You can use Gallery Go to manage your local picture galleries as an alternative to the giant, Google Photos. Obviously, the features are not as extensive but if you’re looking for a compact image and video manager, then this is a great alternative.  [Download]

top android julio google go Ten best Android apps for July 2019

Shadow Weather

The market is overpopulated with weather forecast apps that gather their information from public services. The problem with most of these is that they’re difficult to use. Shadow Weather organizes the information really well because it only shows you the weather forecast for the next couple of days. If and only if you want to check out other parameters such as the wind speed or geographic scale, you’ll find that information using its user-friendly interface. [Download]

top android julio shadow weather Ten best Android apps for July 2019


One of Snapchat’s strongest points is its immediacy and the huge degree of improvisation that the social media offers based on the “here and now”. YOLO is a Snapchat accessory that lets you send and receive anonymous questions to and from other random users. You can then answer the questions in your stories. [Download]

top android julio yolo Ten best Android apps for July 2019


There’s a whole world in the literary amateur circuit, specifically in light novels. Way beyond the acquisition and reading of digital books, there’s a whole other world just like Shosetsu exemplifies. We’re talking about an app that lets you download this type of reading material, for free. You can customize the reading format and manage your very own collection. [Download]

top android julio shosetsu Ten best Android apps for July 2019


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