Like it or not, Google Photos is one of the best options out there for organizing your pics and keeping them safe. The new version 2.0 has just been released for Android, and its main appeal lies in the option to change the viewing order of your galleries and permanently rearrange them however you like, which was (incomprehensibly) impossible before now.

Google Fotos menú album

When you go into the gallery and open the context menu at the top right you’ll get an option to edit the album as usual, except now you’ll get a new icon that lets you pick one of three viewing modes: show oldest first, show newest first, or show recently added first. That last one is especially useful for collaborative galleries with other users.

Google Photos 2.0 screenshots

Also, when you’re in editing mode you can now click on a photo and drag it to wherever you want it. And finally you can organize your albums automatically with the location generated by Google without having to mess about moving things around on the browser version.

To be able to use the new features on Google Photos you need to update the application to version 2.0.0, available now on Uptodown.


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