Gmail’s all-new design, which rolled out last week on the desktop version, is appearing for the first time on Android devices today with a graphic interface more in line with that of Google+, and many other similar changes with the objective of making the email service more intuitive and efficient, such as the new tabbing feature, the notification settings by label, and the new lateral menu.

GMail novedades cabecera

Gmail 4.5 is now available on Google Play, and the update will come to users throughout the day. Android smartphones are beginning to be updated to the most noteworthy renovation to the service in years as it brings improved visual and functional features, such as the multi-tabbed interface from the desktop version, swipe navigation, and the ability to reply to Google+ posts without having to open up to the social network.

nuevo gmail version android

Just as we have seen with the desktop version, the new inbox organization will help you to better categorize your email from any sender as it will filter your messages into different subcategories based on their content: updates from social networks, promotions, or really important email.

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