Following in the footsteps of its latest movements, Microsoft brings us a new app with its seal on it. We’re talking about Favorites Lock Screen, a lock screen that offers high resolution backgrounds and news according to your interests. A new app that joins a list of other Microsoft apps available on Android.

Favorites Lock Screen

After the release of the updated Microsoft Launcher it became obvious that the company from Redmond wanted to reinforce its position in the Android ecosystem. This new lock screen wouldn’t be considered one of the innovations of the year, but at least it offers a pretty efficient service and HD wallpapers that change each time you lock your screen. All revolving around a list of interests that you can change whenever you feel so inclined.

Favorites Lock Screen

Favorites Lock Screen places special emphasis on choosing your favorite subjects, giving you a sort of feed where you see news related to what interests you. That said, the choice of topics is more focused on famous names and places than anything else. Luckily, you can always choose to only receive news about cats and dogs, which will fill your screen with love.

The app doesn’t only stick to these topics of interest though, it also lets you add shortcuts to your favorite apps from the lock screen. You also have a Bing search bar if you feel like using it. Plus, you’ll receive notifications comfortably from this new screen and without having to unlock your device.

Favorites Lock Screen

Favorites Lock Screen is a pretty useful lock screen that offers an elegant design and a relatively wide variety of features. You can change the configuration at any time, as well as choose between different unlock modes to give your phone or tablet an extra layer of security. It’s not available everywhere in the world yet, but you can already download it from Uptodown without any geographical restrictions.

Favorites Lock Screen for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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